Learn at one of America's most respected universities where you'll interact closely with world-class faculty and a diverse student body. With so many majors and minors from which to choose from you'll have no problem finding the course of study that's right for you.

Undergraduate Majors
Undergraduate Minors
Graduate Catalog
Combined Degrees


Don't let picking a major cause you tons of stress. We have Academic Advisors trained to counsel and assist you. They are knowledgeable about programs and requirements, as well as campus services and resources. And if you pick a major and then change your mind, well that's okay too. Many students will change their major at least once while enrolled at UF.

Academic Advising


UF's four-year honors program provides talented students specialized coursework, small class sizes, honors organizations, advisers, and a customized residential community. Honors students welcome curiosity, intellectual daring, and creativity. UF's Honors Program provides educational opportunities to help students maximize their potential.

UF Honors


Our campus may be in Gainesville, but you can study just about anywhere your academic inquiries take you. Each year, UF sends more than 3,000 Global Gators to all parts of the globe.

UF International Center


One of the best things about being at a large research university like the University of Florida is that students have the opportunity to work with faculty and graduate students in research that can lead to cutting-edge discoveries.

University Scholars Program


Our nationally ranked Career Connections Center is here to support your exploration of internships, career options, development of professional skills, and connections to opportunities after graduation. Plan for success. Take advantage of unexpected opportunities. Rely on the Career Connections Center throughout your academic journey at UF and use their services as you experience different phases of the career preparation process.

Career Connections Center
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