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Study architecture, design and planning

Graduate with globally recognised qualifications

1st in Australia and 15th in the world for Architecture/Built Environment,* the school has been leading the way in teaching and research across architecture, design and planning for 100 years.

At Sydney, we strive for intellectual excellence, creative thinking and evidence-based research. Much of our work, and yours, will be centred on answering global challenges around urbanisation and sustainability – the foundations of a healthy and productive way of life and future.

* QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019


Outstanding facilities 榆次寿宏瑞设备有限公司

When you study with us, you will benefit from the latest facilities – the only indoor environmental quality (IEQ) laboratory in the southern hemisphere, an extensive research lighting laboratory and outstanding audio and acoustics facilities, including an anechoic chamber and recording studio.

The Wilkinson Building has one of the best-equipped design, modelling and fabrication labs in Australia and provides dedicated studio space for students.

Choice and flexibility 都匀盈百皇商贸有限公司

During your studies you can take advantage of exchange programs with leading universities and international elective units of study, to visit destinations across North and South America, Scandinavia, China, Indonesia, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Vibrant campus life 拉萨优盈久科技有限公司

The School of Architecture, Design and Planning is large enough to attract world-renowned researchers and teachers, yet small enough to provide a distinct, collegiate environment.

We have an active events and alumni program that sees visiting scholars and architects speaking in lectures, symposiums and debates, while our Tin Sheds Gallery provides a calendar of stimulating, provocative exhibitions to advance our research.

Social justice 枣庄洪禄发商贸有限公司

We are committed to providing you with an education that promotes architecture, design and planning as ways of improving environmental and social outcomes.

Inspired by the work of renowned architect, activist and University of Sydney academic – the late Col James – with his work in the Aboriginal community of Redfern in the 1960s and ’70s, the school recently sent 16 Master of Architecture students to the Aboriginal community of Yarrabah, North Queensland to work on designs for affordable housing.

Rewarding the best 衡水协富大商贸有限公司

The school offers a broad range of scholarships and prizes to support and reward talented students. Read about our specific scholarships for architecture, design and planning students.

International travel 运城金千中有限公司

Expand your personal, academic and professional experience through a wide range of international travel opportunities available when you study with us.

From 2014-16, more than 300 students visited 17 countries including Japan, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and the United States. In 2016, 15 students from the Master of Architecture program exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale as part of their studies.

In July 2017, a group of architecture students and tutors travelled to Port Vila, Vanuatu, to begin the process of designing and building a new school for the Ohlen Freswind Community.
The ongoing project will engage students in cultural and community consultation, and disaster resistant building techniques.

Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or research student there is a broad range of international studios, exchange programs and travel for research purposes on offer each year.


Participating in an exchange program is available to students in most of our degrees. Our International Exchange Program enables you to graduate with a truly global perspective while having your studies overseas credited towards your degree at Sydney.


There are many opportunities for you to travel as part of your study, and we regularly create new options. For example, you can count International Studio units of study as credit towards your degree.

Industry engagement 津和正兴机械有限公司

To ensure you graduate with relevant professional insights, you will have the opportunity to engage with partners across the built environment and interactive design industries.

Many of our staff have roles in leading industry organisations, including the Australian Institute of Architects, NSW Architects Registration Board, Planning Institute of Australia, and national accreditation panels. Our adjunct academics bring their expertise to teaching and offer opportunities for engagement and employment.

As a student here you will be able to participate in real-life industry projects driven by innovation and focusing on elements such as architectural design, prefabrication, manufacturing, advanced building technologies, computational prototyping, robotics and more.

Collaborate with leading organisations and practices such as Arup, Lendlease, Bates Smart, the NSW Government Architect, Neeson Murcutt, Gehl, BVN, Atlassian, Cox Architecture, FJMT and Tonkin Zulaikha Greer.

We also host visiting international scholars for symposiums, exhibitions, workshops and lectures.



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